Friday, April 18, 2008

teuscher: champagne truffes

okay, i am a total sucker for packaging - - - this has to be the most darling box of chocolates ever. when i was at the teuscher store in san francisco, i had to get it (even though most of the time, pretty packaging does not equal good chocolate)!

the teuscher champagne truffles are gentle, delicate, and a tad too sweet... panache made up for the latter. dark chocolate ganache surrounds a champagne cream center. half of the truffles are dusted with confectioner's sugar and the other half are dusted with cocoa powder.

the story on the back reads:

the boy with the champagne bottle was in a series of collectible items for children at the beginning of the last century. in 1917, when adolf teusher was 8 years old, this picture has been part of his album compilation. thirty year later, in 1947, he had chosen this theme for the first printed box of champagne truffes.

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