Saturday, February 13, 2010

spa luce hollywood:
when chocolate just isn't enough

luxury and elegance in the center of hollywood - - - the glory days are back.

heavenly shades of white glow as you enter spa luce. with the feel of immediate serenity, an escort takes you to the immaculate changing rooms where you find a long bathrobe and slippers waiting. while there, enjoy the eucalyptus infused steam rooms before your treatment.

the chocolate and roses manicure treatment...
spa luce hollywood
after your soak in an orchid pool, a trained reflexologist, massages you with somme institute dark chocolate truffle scrub.
spa luce hollywood
chocolate aromas flood the senses and the upper arm and hand massage definitely gets your circulation flowing. warm towels remove the scrub and then rose oil (vegan and paraben free) is applied.
spa luce hollywood
you a finished off with your exquisite manicure and then you are free to relax over a spa lunch at the rooftop pool. it has a generous view of the hollywood sign from your cabana. yes, you are a star.

you may also chose to go to the relaxation rooms which i love. there you have pillow topped mattresses in cocoons which somehow reminds me of a futuristic james bond movie. nibbly things, teas, and waters are included.

for the lovers month of february, i recommend booking a couples massage which includes a glass of champagne and truffles by k chocolatier by diane kron. or better yet, get their couples sea salt baths.

spa luce

Friday, February 12, 2010

essential chocolate desserts:
red velvet ding dongs

essential chocolates culver city
stunning, gorgeous, delicious, and moist. i have had my share of nouveau ding-dongs and i am awarding essential chocolates the ding-dong trophy until someone can prove me wrong. the rich moist velvet cake with the vanilla creme center is just perfect - - - not overly sweet and the cake is magnificent.
essential chocolates culver city
it is enrobed in dark chocolate and dusted with red velvet cake crumbs.

they also sell mini ding-dongs (to die for) for 2 dollars.
essential chocolates culver city
definitely order these for your sweetie or visit essential chocolate desserts at 10868 washington in culver city, ca.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

the edison: valentines and absinthe chocolate

as you step into the turn-of-the-century boiler room, you are taken to a romantic orwellian world. the industrial elegant bar, lounge, maze, will astound. escape to the edison’s valentine’s day celebration with the style and sophistication of a long lost era.

dj jonny boy and live jazz will set the mood along with the rosebud martini, crafted from organic vodka, hibiscus liquor, and a splash of champagne-- all topped with a rose petal.

final touches include edison’s “a sense of the sea” oyster bar presented by the noted matre ecailler, chef christophe happillon and the edison’s award winning ambiance.

there will be absinthe chocolates for desert. the rest is up to you!

click here to visit the edison

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

smithsonian: power of chocolate event

this sounds like a fabulous and exciting event. i wish i could be there to attend and support the museum. if you go, you should definitely check out their amazing cafeteria on the first floor.

This Valentine’s weekend, the National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) celebrates one of the world’s most beloved foods and a treasure of the Americas. The Power of Chocolate explodes in a colorful festival of culture, music, dance, art, science, and, of course, food.

Theobroma cacao was for the Maya and the Aztec peoples, as its Latin name indicates, a “food of the gods.” Guest presenters explore the rich history and ongoing story of chocolate and offer a deeper understanding of cacao and the cultures and communities that have cultivated this valuable crop.

The museum invites visitors to enjoy a tasty assortment of presentations. Spectacular Peruvian scissor dancers compete in endurance, acrobatics, and creativity. Kuna textile artists from Panama and Colombia share the art of making their charming, colorful molas. Hands-on activities encourage young and not-so-young visitors to investigate the Mayan glyph for “cacao,” grind cacao beans, and froth their own hot chocolate. Food demonstrations, a Chocolate Talk
about the science and sustainability of the cacao plant, and one-on-one discussions with indigenous Bolivian cacao growers offer different perspectives on this surprisingly complex subject.

Finally, the museum presents Burwa dii Ebo/The Wind and the Water, a contemporary Kuna coming-of-age story by the Igar Yala Collective of Panama in a Valentine’s evening Dinner and a Movie.

To get a sense of how much fun—and how educational—this weekend can be, take a look at this short video portrait of last year’s Power of Chocolate festival.

For an even sweeter Valentine's weekend at the museum, please print this coupon and present it to a cashier for a 10% discount at the museum's award-winning Mitsitam Native Foods Cafe.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

amano: valentine's giveaway

amano is one of the best bean to bars manufacturers out there. now is your chance to win a set of the amano guayas and their dos rios to get that true passionate taste that they leave me with.

so you ask, what hoops shall i put you through? simple, give me the funniest nick name you have for your loved one (or one for your future sweetie).

please get me your most brilliant names by the 12th of february. i will post the winners based on uniqueness, sweetness, and hilariousness! if you feel your nickname is a bit lackluster, feel free to be creative with your entry.

good luck! email your entry to "rachelrifat at yahoo dot com" with the subject line "amano nickname"! please include your name and address.


this giveaway is open to three winners residing in the u.s.