Tuesday, April 1, 2008

il cioccolato d'origine fondente

this is a brilliantly made box of chocolate from italy. inside are 6 chocolates from 6 different regions. also included is a tasting booklet in english and italian.

noka has nothing on cube! this chocolate is quite complex and quite interesting. you will venture on an exciting journey with each one.

here are my notes:
no. 1 - cuba 70% - light up a cigar and survey your dense tobacco fields...
no. 2 - ecuador 71% - this is gentle and sweet. notes of cherries with a nice bitter finish
no. 3 - tanzania 75% - love it - gentle warm forest feeling of comfort. finishing with notes of vanilla
no. 4 - sao thome 70% - intense, velvety, and dense
no. 5 - madagascar 66% - sweet, smooth, earthy, with a touch of deep raisin
no. 6 - peru 64% - peanut buttery sweetness and it does not resemble chocolate. it has an odd flavor

i found the link to their site... you may want to brush up on your italian...

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