Monday, April 21, 2008

jade chocolates: dragon's breath 65% cacao

beijing, the year is 1916 and you are a guest of the imperial family in the forbidden city... you pass through the gate of supreme harmony and look below to see puyi, the last emporer, riding his bicycle. the eunuchs in their beautifully embroidered robes are desperately trying to catch up to him. you discreetly pass the troupe and reach the gate of earthly tranquility. to the left are residences where concubines turn to fantasy worlds in their opium dens. you continue your quest until you reach the jagged paths of the imperial palace gardens. there, you enter the hall of imperial peace and find a red package that is left for you on the altar table - - - it is jade chocolate dragon's breath bar.

you gently open the lotka paper wrapper and you immediately become surrounded by heady aromas. a single bite is earthy and then it turns meaty... lapsang souchang flavors are well noted. the texture is punched with roasted sesame seeds and once the chocolate melts, gentle fireworks ignite from the spice of the chili peppers.


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