Tuesday, April 8, 2008

starbucks: chocolate tasting squares

okay starbucks! the jig is up!

starbucks mocha dark chocolate
the mocha dark chocolate tastes exactly like the scharffen berger mocha dark chocolate.... it has the same density, texture, snap, and crunch. the coffee beans are even crushed the same. hmmm, the chocolate wrapping shows that the mocha dark is created with starbucks® guatemala casi cielo®... but is it really that different from what scharffen berger is using? why don't they just come out and state that this is scharffen berger's chocolate? but again, i could be totally wr-wr-wr-wrong...

starbucks dark chocolate
the dark chocolate is smooth and not that complex. there is a sweet berry finish.

starbucks milk chocolate
the milk chocolate reminds me of staking out waffle shops in brussels and stopping at chocolate shops along the way. it is very much of a smooth belgian-y chocolate.

side note: okay, i may be a bit hypocritical in judging their copywriter. sure i have stated that i have been kidnapped by samurai or that i have been left on island with pirate's booty... but really, who came up with these registered statements on a 3x4.5 inch box of chocolate?:

  • bite-size excursions to new realms of chocolate and coffee

  • the cacao pod and coffee bean come from distant lands and they have the power to take you away. care to join us in a little excursion?

  • when coffee dreams, it dreams of chocolate.®

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