Tuesday, November 11, 2008

trader joe's: swiss milk chocolate
with 30% whole hazelnuts

delicious! trader von liesl claims that the bar has "incomparable flavor" yet, somehow it tastes just like villars chocolate with hazelnuts. do tell... the bar even has the matching edelweiss imprint on the chocolate. if you are going to repackage and call it your own, demonstrate a tad bit more contrast, give credit, or get a new copywriter.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

365 organic: 54% cacao
swiss dark chocolate with mint crisps

pulverized tic-tac's blended into mediocre chocolate with borderline bloom is not my idea of delectation. i must not forget to mention that there is a kind of creepy aftertaste as well. if you do bother to try it, you might want to go better than bad and pick up a box of after eights instead.

i keep telling myself not to buy organic...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

love is in the air:
free cookie with suffrage

i am pleased to announce the union of eric of fresh & easy to melissa of essential chocolate desserts.

if you pop on over to the westside of los angeles (brandishing your "i voted" sticker) to essential chocolate desserts, you will be rewarded with a free cookie. this offer is good on tuesday or wednesday.

Essential Chocolate Desserts, Inc.
10868 Washington Blvd. Culver City, CA 90232

Monday, November 3, 2008

happy day of the dead:
vosges promo code

the origins of day of the dead (where spirits of the dead return to earth to be with their families and loved ones) date back thousands of years to an aztecan festival celebrating the "lady of the dead". revelry at cemeteries is spent creating memorial altars and imbibing with interred relatives and friends.

might i recommend spending this month with vosges aztecan inspired chocolates?

vosges has extended a 10% discount to all chocolate snob readers for the month of november. website purchases from nov 1st to nov 30th will receive a discount as long as you remember to enter the promo code 2810WB1 at checkout. vosgeschocolate.com

chocolate snob is now a mrs.

i just got back from my honeymoon after a fabulous wedding (to my mr. charming) on october 25th.
etching by rachel rifat

in preparing for the big day, i was a tad bit absent from chocolate snob - - - the months of nuptial prep (planning, decorating, watercoloring, arranging, designing, filene's basement running, fittings, and carousing) did not go by without major guilt for not posting. regular chocolate snob updates, articles, and reviews will start to post immediately.

many kisses to all.