Monday, April 7, 2008

new tree: apricot crave comfort

diderot was a french philosopher and a leading figure of enlightenment. he spoke highly of the new world and encouraged america not follow the mistakes of the old world - - - a.k.a. russia.

diderot suffered from dropsy and in 1784 his last supper consisted of soup, boiled mutton, chicory, and an apricot. as he was eschewed from eating the apricot, he stated furiously, "mais quel diable de mal veux-tu que cela me fasse?" ... "what in the devil do you want me to do with it?"

deucedly, diderot put the apricot in his mouth, chewed once, choked on the pit, and then died. how unfortunate it was that jefferson’s new world plantation was the physical cause of diderot’s death.

if diderot had only waited for new tree he would have had the will to keep on living. the apricot crave comfort chocolate bar is gentle and has a lovely nectar scent and taste. the bar is wonderful and addictive...and there are absolutely no pits.

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