Friday, April 25, 2008

bon bon bar:
orange caramel ● pecan nougat

this is definitely not your ordinary mars bar... i wish that all grocers had this bar at the point of check out... the bon bon bar is incredibly delightful with a scent of orange. it is full of caramely-gooey-wonderfulness - - - i am sure that when candy bars were first made, they were made like this.

the bar may seem a bit steep at five bucks a pop ... but you can definitely tell that the company is not skimping on good and real ingredients... you can taste the rich butter and delight your buds with the candied oranges.

I will have to do a better scan of their cute logo! i just love that the company is based in LA - - - that rocks!

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Anonymous said...

I loved, loved, loved the BonBonBars.

I think my favorite is still the Scotch bar though, but Joans on Third isn't carrying that one yet.