Sunday, September 30, 2007

vosges: naga bar

sweet indian curry and coconut flakes transport your senses to the glassy pools of the taj mahal. like the gift of the great indian palace from the king to his wife, vosges has bestowed this bar unto us.

lindt: poir intense noir

this bar is the audrey hepburn of chocolates. classy, elegant, and charming...

cote d'or: lait amandes caramelisees avec une poite de sel

beg your french friends or beg your travelling to france friends to find this exquisite bar for you. better yet, jump on that private jet to the city of lights and stock up in this sweet gem. the gentle crack of caramel then the sudden reveal of almonds is sweet elysium. do not fear that this is manufactured by kraft - yes the ones who provide us toxic comfort in little blue boxes.

harry london: the london mint

super yummy and warm minty sweet taste. gentle and velvety menthol. not a dignified bar but it is definitely a fun bar.

noka: grand cru, the vintages collection

i was so thrilled to find this box at neimans for 100 dollars. i could not wait to savor this much heard of collection. intense? aromatic? provocative? lively? absolutely not.

vosges: black pearl bar

kidnapped by a samurai and being made his geisha... the lingering wasabi warms the tongue and the sesames pop like fireworks.

cowgirl chocolate: spicy lime tequila

there is no way i could have taken a larger bite of this atrocity to give it a proper review. what a sad case of machinery that produced this putrid bite of yuck.

vosges: red fire bar

ouch. it hurts and i like it. this sexy bar from the vosges family gives a nice spike to chocolate with a hint of burning peppers.

vere: cocoa nib wafers

maple outdoorsy ruggedness. tastes as if i were in my grandparents' backyard drinking the maple syrup right from the tree. one can taste the lifetime of that tree.

michel cluizel: carre mangaro noir

i was expecting a savory treat but found it hard and waxy with a pungent nut flavor.

average price given on a 3.5 oz bar

new tree: vigor

a bitter dark chocolate that does not talk back to me. rich, sweet, and burnt coffee are the aromas that linger. i feel as if i had a quick shot of espresso followed by a brick of chocolate.

scharffen berger: mocha

if champagne were chocolate and coffee combined, this is it.

vosges: barcelona bar

i feel as if i had been captured by pirates and then given a salty hidden treasure... left deserted, i then discovered smokey nuts and cacao.

zotter: pfefferschrot und minzeol

dusty mint fields that have been covered in post war ashes. one single approach to the tongue and you will realize the sensation of licking an ash tray filled with menthol cigarettes. i do applaud the manufacturer for its novel and wacky flavours. do try them and try not to be shy.

mariebelle, new york: chocolate assortment

pretty, pretty, pretty.... i could not wait for the ribbon to unravel. these are exquisite masterpieces that should never be eaten. the waxy taste of the encassing does not compare to the artistry of the chocolate. i do recommend the caramel variety.

amedei: cioccolato fondente extra 66%

a gentle kiss by a south american indian then blessed by a warm caress. this bar is pure chocolate with hidden tastes of berries and nuts that create magic.

Friday, September 21, 2007

chocolate connoisseur

one of the most quintessential books is the chocolate connoisseur. it is a phenomenal read and tackles the history of chocolate, cocoa plantations, and the "chocolate philosophy." you will soon learn how to differentiate between what is good chocolate and what is bad chocolate.