Friday, April 4, 2008

chocolat poulain:
chocolate trading cards

chocolat poulain / goutez et comparez / qualite sans rivale
“il avait ete a la peine, il etait bien juste qu'il fut a l'honneur” (jeanne d'arc)

aristide boucicaut, the legendary director of the bon marché in 1850, was a marketing savant. he basically invented “gift with purchase” by giving away chromolithograph trading cards on thursdays. children would race to his store every week (with parents in tow) to get the latest chromo for their collection.

chocolate companies soon caught on and slipped chromos in their packaging. the cards covered: children’s songs, history, geography, natural sciences, professions... the chromos were not only used to sell more bars but they were also used for education.

the chromo above, from chocolat poulain, depicts joan of arc at her trial…

the judges were astonished that a small country-woman was able to attend the coronation of charles vii (july 17, 1429 at reims cathedral). the judges asked why joan was given a place of honor next to the king rather than a nobleman. She proudly stated "it had borne the burden; it was only right that it should have the honor".

if you have not yet seen the messenger: the story of joan of arc - - - i highly recommend this gorgeously made film!

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