Monday, December 10, 2007

los angeles international chocolate salon: vermeer

i am not a fan of most chocolate liqueurs... sure, i always add them to my cakes or to an espresso on a cold night... but i never would imagine drinking the liquers straight because they are way too sweet.

vermeer is an amazing exception! it is a gentle liqueur made of dutch chocolate, cream and vodka. your friend maurice kanbar, the inventor of SKYY vodka, concocted this spirit. vermeer can be consumed with ice on the rocks, and it can be mixed in a chocolate martini cocktail or added to coffee or hot chocolate.

vermeer is 34 alcoholic proof (17% alcohol by volume) and the bottles are labeled with an image of johannes vermeer's girl with a pearl earring.

freddy baggerman of vermeer is such a delight. he is pictured below.

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Anonymous said...

Vermeer is disgusting and tastes of chemicals. Frankly I'd rather down a bottle of bleach than this poison. Another Kanbar disaster.

Birdie the Girl Scout said...

sounds like someone has it out for maurice. in the bottle they put dutch chocolate, cream and vodka (most likely skyy). i can see where it can go bad if this is not properly refrigerated.

i am sticking to my view that it is great for a chocolate liqueur. it is not too sweet and it is a great addition to cakes.

if you are looking for straight alcohol with a chocolaty edge, you may want to try the golden gopher german chocolate cocktail -

let me know how you like it.

thank you for posting your comment!