Monday, December 3, 2007

how to speak chocolate snob

Drop these terms, and people will know which side of the color line you stand on.

Limited Edition: A collection or single bar that’s only produced in a small run. Use it in a sentence this way: “Godiva was just crappy mall chocolate until it started offering its limited-edition G Collection.”

Percentage: Short for the total percentage of ingredients in a particular chocolate derived purely from the cacao bean. The implication is the better the chocolate, the higher the percentage. “I no longer let anything less than 70 percent touch my lips.”

Single Origin: Refers to chocolate made from beans harvested from a specific country, region, or, in the case of single estate, plantation. “I just did a tasting of single-origin Venezuelans, and the Amedei Chuao kicked Valrhona’s ass.”

Vintage: In choco-speak, this is the year the cacao beans were harvested. “I was dying to compare Valrhona Ampamakia vintages, but I discovered my last 2005 was eaten by rats.”

By Lessley Anderson and James Norton -

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