Wednesday, March 26, 2008

spicy chocolate easter bunny: WINNERS

easter has passed and we have some great winners for the spicy chocolate easter bunny contest. here they are... thank you to all of our great and clever entries... some were just too spicy to post. thank you also to tsp spices who made this happen.

the grand prize winner with the most creative spiced-up bunny goes to:

neverland patch by dominick and gina
they win the tsp 'spice basics' and tsp 'sweet basics' spice collections, valued at over $80
. . . .
the most green - (this bunny must be environmentally sensitive) prize goes to:

all edible by jolyn
tsp 'green basics' spice collection, valued at over $40
. . . .
fan favorite prize goes to:

i know who shot bambi's mother by fifi
she wins tsp 'savoir fare' spice collection, valued at over $15
. . . .
best use of spices goes to:

carmenita in the kitchen by dean
he wins tsp 'sweet heat' spice collection, valued at over $15
. . . .

most commercial goes to:

the simpsons by loretta
tsp 'sun shine' spice collection, valued at over $15

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