Thursday, March 27, 2008

scharffen berger: milk nibby 41%:
milk chocolate with roasted cacao nibs

hmmm.... i was a bit reticent with this purchase. hershey's insisted they would not cut values, taste, or production methods when they bought out scharffen berger. my thoughts immediately turned to china when the cadres said hong kong would still be the same after the handover.

well, with this bar, i literally licked the wrapping. this bar is completely delicious and it is a very mature bar for being milk. nice earthy tones with great texture. i want more.

sorry, i could not find this particular bar on amazon... but i did find the scharffen berger extra rich milk chocolate


Anonymous said...

Where did you find that!

I got one as a sample from Scharffen Berger last year and then asked about it at the Natural Products expo a couple of weeks ago and they said they still make them but couldn't say who sells them.

I think they're divine. I'm not a huge fan of SB's milk chocolate, but I do love their nibs and this is a tasty bar.

Birdie the Girl Scout said...

Hi Cybele!

You will not believe this! I got it at the TJ Maxx on Crenshaw! Sometimes those major discount stores can be a treasure trove for hidden bars... I did pick up the Mocha bar too!

Are you going to the SF Chocolate Salon?


Anonymous said...

I looked over the list and there were only a couple of companies there that I haven't tried yet, so I think I'm just going to save my money and make some web orders.

I'll have to keep an eye out for a TJ Maxx around me. (Crenshaw Plaza isn't in my usual rounds.)

randomhousewife said...

This is my new favorite SB bar for eating out of hand. I found it at HomeGoods (sister store to TJ Maxx). I keep hoping that more will appear!