Thursday, March 6, 2008

acetaia montale rangone:
cioccolatini al balsamico e nocio

this is the chocolate you will want to eat before you die... including every single day before then...

starting from the 13th century, ancient artisanal methods were passed from generation to generation to create a heavenly syrup... this velvet elixir of modena is known as balsamic vinegar - - - instrumental in fending the masses from plagues and evil spirits...

from the land that lies between the valley of the river secchia and to the west of the river reno, trebbiano grapes are harvested. the grapes are pressed, simmered gently over an open flame to a seventy percent reduction, filtered and cooled, and then slowly, slowly transformed through a complex 25 year aging process. the liquid passes through a series of five wooden barrels: oak, juniper, cherry, chestnut, and mulberry.

this balsamic is used to create delectable and edible jewels.

cioccolatini al balsamico
cioccolatini al balsamico has rich overtones that grace this chocolate with an ideal balance of sweet and piquant. there is an initial subtlety then a surprising taste of vinegar.... the surprise flavor immediately turns to plum, then to strawberry. heaven.

cioccolatini al nocio
cioccolatini al nocio pictured at the very top and below is complete and utter satisfaction. the walnut liquor is strong and lustful. i blush with the lurid passionate thoughts it provokes.

here is what seems to be handcrafted boxes. all the chocolates are produced in limited batches.

meet giuseppe...

the man behind the most amazing artisinal chocolates. imagine the sensation of being enveloped by some heady elixir after biting into the gold dust of angels' wings...the taste he has created is way beyond is divine!

giuseppe's balsamic farm has been in the family for over a hundred years. it seems impossible that he just started making chocolate three years ago.

please have your local chocolatiers import his chocolate. also, let me know who carries it and when! here is his contact: stefania casadei.


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