Wednesday, March 5, 2008

chocolate, erte, and stephan

who knew chocolate snob would capture such a tremendous fan base from all places around the world including guayaquil, ecuador; doha, qatar; and canton, ohio? originally the blog was created to sort out my chocolate journals.

yesterday, i received a really touching letter from stephan who works as an artist in residence for the art deco society. below is his gorgeous erte inspired piece "chocolate".

stephan writes...

  • "I found your blog quite by accident and I must say that I am overwhelmed.

    I am an admitted chocoholic although I work as an artist and designer...I am something of an authority on the life and art of Erte. I do have on my web pages a costume design for a woman meant to represent chocolate. She is part of the Neopolitan Suite. She is joines by Vanilla and Strawberry costumes...

    ... Thank you providing a great blog. I'll be reading it on a regular basis."

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