Friday, May 2, 2008

poco dolce: bittersweet chocolate tiles
topped with grey sea salt

this is a very sophisticated chocolate that is élite and aristocratic! it is packaged in a blue on blue box with a label band. upon opening the box, an elegant display pops up.

  • the aztec chile caught me quite by surprise. at first bite, it was so incredibly delicate, then it became intense, then aromatic, then salty, then spicy. if you do not have the means to visit machu picchu i recommend this alternate adventure.
  • the burnt caramel is perfectly made toffee encased in chocolate... i wanted more.
  • how did the almond tile know how to fulfill my needs? the almonds were toasted and perfectly prepared for their dip.
  • there has been a lot of ginger chocolate out there and this one is ranked up there as the best with just the right amount of sugar coating.
  • not pictured is the almond coconut that is the best grown up version of an almond joy EVER!
  • also there is the sesame toffee that has a strong asian ambrosial influence.

my fellow chocolate snobs, i wish there was a more elegant word than stockpile - - - but i must suggest stockpiling this poco dolce chocolate... eating the majority and offering some as gifts.


Anonymous said...

I just bought a box of those last week! I'm really looking forward to it (though they are freakishly expensive).

Have you tried Valerie Confections? They're in Silverlake (well, SL adjacent ... right next to Artisan du Chocolat on 1st).

Birdie the Girl Scout said...

You are really going to be pleased with this chocolate.

When I compared the 8 oz Poco Dolce at $18.00 versus the 10 oz See's Red Hot Swamp Goo® at $14.25... it was a no brainer!



Anonymous said...

Quite agree on you TILES assessment. I wrote them up on my blog, too. I've got two boxes on my desk with all my favorites missing. Wonder who ate them & wish I had more! Cheers.
susie, your friend from The Chocolate Life

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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