Thursday, February 14, 2008

happy valentines day card and quiz

hello my darlings,

happy valentines day! let's hope we will all be celebrating with a special loved one.... good chocolate.

i really cannot thank you enough for making this blog so popular - - - many kisses to all of you!

continue below for the sweet valentine's quiz that my good friends at mental floss created...

chock full of chocolate quiz

1) what company was the first to offer a valentine's day chocolate box?
a. cadbury
b. whitman
c. hershey
d. godiva

2) like water for chocolate was a 1992 film that told of early 20th century life in what country?
a. germany
b. venezuela
c. switzerland
d. mexico

3) what floppy-eared dog puppet used to tell tv audiences that "nestle makes the very best chawk-lit"?
a. droopy
b. farfel
c. ollie
d. cleo

4) who wrote the classic young adult novel titled the chocolate war?
a. s.e. hinton
b. walter dean myers
c. robert cormier
d. paul zindel

5) what song, originally a british hit for the group hot chocolate, became the only #1 american single for the band known as stories?
a. you sexy thing
b. emma
c. brother louie
d. every 1's a winner

click here for the answers...

to be the smartest chocolate snob ever, pick up your mental floss subcription here!

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