Wednesday, November 14, 2007

amedei: chuao cioccolato fondente bitter chocolate extra 70%

cioccolato fondente bitter chocolate extra 70%.

want to taste a bit of heaven? want to hang out with angels? this bar is so heavenly i feel my sins disappear with each bite. amadei is so close to god.

the seeds are produced in the venezuelan penninsula of chuao.


Anonymous said...

Greetings fellow chocolate blogger. Have you tried the Bonnat chuao? Excellent.

Birdie the Girl Scout said...

Hi Casey! Bonnat is absolutely yummy... I also love their elegant wrapping as well. I cannot wait to post my review on chocolate snob! Please look for it.

love and kisses!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I always think of the Wonka bar when I see a wrapped Bonnat bar. Their Java is also amazing. They will be reviewed on my blog. Will check back and compare notes.

Birdie the Girl Scout said...

It totally looks like a Wonka bar. Isn't it wonderful that chocolate can take us back to childhood?

Please be sure to leave your blog address so that I may keep up with you as well.

love and kisses!

Casey said...

It's the Chocolate Note

Victoria Williams said...

Interesting blog. I, of course, am a chocolate lover. I started working in a deli a couple of months ago and I noticed they have Chocolate BruCo Cioccolato fondente al Sale for sale, at $4 each. I couldn't figure out what it was but now I'll have to try it. Thanks.