Tuesday, April 22, 2008

hershey's: bliss
rich & creamy dark chocolate

Choclate-Snob: Hershey's Bliss
hershey's bliss dark chocolate
dear hershey,

last night, when you came back into my life, i was unsure about letting you in... but you tempted me. you just had to wear that flashy pink outfit with sparkles and tell me that you have changed...

having grown up together, our history has been long, fun, and complex. i still remember the good times when we made s'mores at camp; the funny times when you bumped into that guy's peanut butter; and the scary times when i snuck you into china.

last night's moment we shared on the sofa was full of suspense. when i started opening your package, i knew i should have stopped - - - but i had to keep going...

as we started kissing, i noticed that you did not have any distinctive flavor. you were just too sweet and you left a weird sugary taste in my throat. by the way, what was with that nut residue? it felt like you slipped me a peanut m&m.

sorry hershey, but i am still not ready for us to get back together... you pretended to be something you are not or maybe it is the other's in my life who take me on adventures and find ways to indulge me.

i hope we can still be friends,

hugs and kisses,


p.s. this girl doesn't camp anymore.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what you were tasting because I fell in love with Hershey's Bliss chocolate - the moment I opened the bag the smell was intoxicating. And I thought the chocolate was smooth, creamy, rich and delightful - and the perfect amount for a little indulgence! If you haven't tried the meltaway - give it try - it's incredible!

Anonymous said...

Just purchased this new chocolate from Hershey. Definitely not for us chocolate snobs - glad I used a coupon! Recommend passing on this latest 'dark chocolate' offering from another mass producer. Why don't they just stick to producing milk chocolates in fun shapes?

rachel rifat said...

First to the anonymous one on
April 23, 2008 8:21 AM...

Thank you so much for your comment! I am so glad you found enjoyment with the Hershey's Bliss™ product - - - I only wish it was the same for me.

Funny how your comment was quite dedicated in paraphrasing parts of the Hershey's Bliss™ statement on the back of the package, "Only Hershey's can indulge your chocolate passion...Smooth, creamy Hershey's Bliss™ gives you an indulgent just-for-you experience every time..."

There must be chocolate in the air.



rachel rifat said...

Hello Anonymous Snob
from April 23, 2008 8:44 AM,

Coupon? At Rite Aid I received a FULL rebate for Hershey's Bliss™!

Maybe it is time for Hershey's to mark all of their bags of "dark chocolate" with a percentage.

Anyway, I still have a soft spot for Hershey's... Let's wish them success.



cybele said...

I'm glad to hear your comments. I saw them on sale at KMart earlier this week. I just couldn't muster any interest in them. I'll probably try it at some point, but I'd prefer a bag with a mix of all of the flavors.

I hear Hershey's is making a huge push on these and giving away 10s of thousands of packages.

edibility said...

This clever little post made my day. It's always refreshing to read creative food writing. Keep it comin'!

Theo Broma said...

What great creative writing! Very entertaining to read and it makes the point extremely well. I especially like the nuances of "kiss" when talking to Hershey's. I feel the same way that you do about Hershey's. I used to love *Special Dark* bars, but I can't even eat them any more. Keep up the great descriptions!

P.S.- I'll see you around at TCL.

rachel rifat said...

Hello Theo Broma,

So great to hear from you! I really appreciate your comments and kudos.



Anonymous said...

what a great page it was awsome because it had great mediphors also vivid words also it helped me with my hw!!!