Thursday, April 10, 2008

golden gopher:
german chocolate cake cocktail

my fiance met me after my meeting downtown and we walked over to the golden gopher for cocktails.

dave, our mixologist and a musician, made us the most fabulous mint julep's (something quite hard to find in LA). after the julep's, we decided to have a german chocolate cake cocktail for dessert - - - a formidable pièce de résistance. here is the recipe:

german chocolate cake cocktail

fill a shaker with ice and add equal parts absolut citron and frangelico.

shake, shake, shake...

prepare a sugar rimmed glass. dust a slice of lemon with sugar and garnish glass with the lemon.

strain ice and pour.

drink instructions: try not to get too much sugar in your mouth and sip the cocktail. after your initial sip, gently bite into the lemon garnish. how really does taste just like german chocolate cake.

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