Saturday, January 19, 2008

dale and thomas popcorn: pop bar: rich milk chocolate with exploding candy chunks.... (pop rocks)!

this is a great novelty bar. it is completely amusing and at first bite, you will find a very active party in your mouth. one might think that the crunchy chocolate has rice crispies in it - - - actually it is full of unflavoured pop-rocks. once the chocolate melts onto the tongue, the pops go off like wildfire... and once you think it is over, the popping still continues (do this as the last bar for a chocolate tasting or wait some time for the next bar). the milk chocolate is very smooth and creamy but it would be great to see them carry this in dark. this bar is entertaining and quite shocking.

dale and thomas popcorn (while your there, get a bag of white cheddar and black peppercorn popcorn)

notes: creme brulee, butter, sweet, toffee

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