Tuesday, November 11, 2008

trader joe's: swiss milk chocolate
with 30% whole hazelnuts

delicious! trader von liesl claims that the bar has "incomparable flavor" yet, somehow it tastes just like villars chocolate with hazelnuts. do tell... the bar even has the matching edelweiss imprint on the chocolate. if you are going to repackage and call it your own, demonstrate a tad bit more contrast, give credit, or get a new copywriter.


Unknown said...

They can't just "repackage" a product. They have to have an agreement with the company that creates the product in the first place... which may or may not be the compnay that distributes the prodcut under the name that you know and love.

TJ's often carries a product for awhile, then suddenly it disapears from the shelf and a short time later a very similar product re-appears only it's now the TJs brand. That's what they do. They cut out the middle man. They claim nothing more than that.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but where is the plain Villars dark chocolate. BTW, the packaging is up to the manufacturer. The imprint was their choice; they are the ones selling it to Trader Joe's for sale. They are getting their monies worth, I am sure!